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Join the Ambassador Program or become a General Volunteer!

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 What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a part of our volunteer program that strives to be as proactive as possible in engaging people to be more civically engaged.

Ambassadors go out into the community attending events and community gatherings to approach people and find out more about how the community feels about our city, and what we could do to improve it. Ambassadors reach out to people to gather ideas for civic engagement, collect contact information for those people, and figure out ways to reach out into the community to get the ball rolling on making those ideas happen. They work closely with the Board of Directors and the Volunteer Coordinator to be more actively engaging people in the community to make the city better.

The Ambassadors are different from regular volunteers because they are much more involved with the ValpoNEXT organization and with the work we do. They spread the word on our organization and bring in new ideas that ValpoNEXT can use to facilitate future change.

We believe YOU would be a great addition to our Ambassador team.

 What is a General Volunteer?

General Volunteers are the backbone for the Volunteer Program. They are as involved as they want to be and do more typical volunteer work such as working sign-in tables at events.

Events- Within events we have basic volunteering opportunities such as signing people in, facilitating discussions, etc.

Engagement- Within engagement we have opportunities such as going to PTO meetings and coming back to us with the information you gathered there so we can work with it, attending local events and fundraisers, and just being a presence for ValpoNEXT to show people we care about the community and to gain more insight into parts of the community we may not know about.

Fundraising- Within fundraising we have volunteer opportunities to reach out and speak about ValpoNEXT (or possibly other organizations if the opportunity arises) to help raise money or items for the organization or events.

We would love to hear what parts of our community you are most interested in and to create opportunities for you to volunteer with those interests!

Eric and Nicole Upton